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6 Reasons Why a Business Needs Funding

Looking for business funding can seem like one of the trickiest parts of running a business. While most entrepreneurs may want to just bootstrap it themselves, SME funding is a

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A Guide on Small Business Tax

Understanding small business tax is an essential part of being an entrepreneur. While tax is unavoidable, knowing the right small business tax route can save you money and help you

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Create, send and get your invoices paid on WhatsApp with Nedbank Money Message

The following content is paid for by Nedbank. Small-business owners, content creators, traders and side hustlers often struggle to find convenient ways to generate and keep track of invoices, and

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International Payments – Go Digital

As digitalisation fast forwards and people reach out for convenient digital experiences, Standard Bank has focused on delivering solutions that meet client needs and improve their client experience. Their digital

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Making the Right Moves with the Standard Bank Business Credit Card

The following content is paid for by Standard Bank.  As a business owner you want a credit card that allows you to take advantage of opportunities or pay for day-to-day

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[DOWNLOAD] Financial Statements Templates for Entrepreneurs

The SME South Africa financial management templates report pack includes all the resources that entrepreneurs need to be able to manage their finances efficiently, from business plans and income statements,

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